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Cover of Labyrinth
Greywalker Series, Book 5

To find the ghost of her killer-and rescue her father-Harper Blaine will have to enter into the Grey. And with her growing powers pulling her deeper into that paranormal world, she's afraid she may not be able to come back out.

To find the ghost of her killer-and rescue her father-Harper Blaine will have to enter into the Grey. And with her growing powers pulling her deeper into that paranormal world, she's afraid she may not be able to come back out.

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  • From the book Prologue

    Maybe he should have been more worried about the ghost detector going off. At the time it had seemed pretty exciting to have it work at all, but afterward it seemed as if the squawking of the alarm had presaged something much worse than a pack of ghosts. After Harper had left town, things went to hell.

    First there had been the little problem of vampires…;It wasn't the vampires qua vampires; it was the change in the way they acted and how many were visible. There was always the problem of vampires in the underground and hanging around the desperate and lonely looking for a snack. But suddenly there were more, and different, vampires around Pioneer Square and downtown Seattle. And they weren't subtle. They killed people and they killed one another—nothing new—but now they were doing it in public, or as public as vampires got anyway. Dead and mutilated bodies in Belltown alleys, or awash in drifts of ash on unlit corners of First Avenue or Mercer Street, and still more after a lightning-fast gunfight a block from the Moore Theater about which witnesses could recall nothing but the speed and terror of it. The cops unhappily wrote it down as gang activity with some innocent bystanders caught in the middle and survivors too frightened to talk. All right, the vampire cliques were gangs of a sort, but since most of their victims vanished into dust and ash, the real explanation was unlikely to come up in any SPD briefing. The police were still looking into it, but Quinton was certain they weren't going to arrest anyone soon.

    While Harper had been in Los Angeles trying to figure out why a dead boyfriend had called her and what he had meant by "things aren't what you think," a vampire had killed another vampire under the streets of Pioneer Square and had used one of Quinton's tools to do it. Or at least something that looked a lot like one of Quinton's vampire stunners. This he had not appreciated. At all. But he also didn't understand it and that really bugged him.

    Quinton liked logic; it had stood him in good stead all his life. Where things didn't add up, he'd learned to ignore what most people thought of as "common sense" and look for patterns that, when joined with confirmed facts, would establish a reasonable working hypothesis. After all, Fleming had discovered penicillin by ignoring the common wisdom of throwing out the "contaminated" petri dish, and taking a look at the mold, instead. Quinton had discovered magic. Of course, he didn't get a Nobel Prize for it.

    Quinton imagined at first that someone was trying to set him up for trouble with Edward, Seattle's bloodsucker-in-chief, but nothing had come of that. Edward—never his biggest fan—seemed to know he hadn't done it and he didn't make a move Quinton could see in response to it. Not against Quinton; not against anyone. That was definitely outside standard operating procedure for El Supremo Sanquinisto. And then he had nearly begged Harper to look into a problem in London for him—another out-of-character move for Edward. Begging? C'mon…;

    Edward's desperation had pinged Quinton's danger signals. He hadn't wanted Harper to accept the job, but it wasn't his decision and he hadn't tried to push her. Something was afoot, but whether the London job was a legit problem or just a dodge to get her out of Seattle, neither of them knew and data was too sketchy for an informed guess. It bugged the hell out of them both.

    In the end, despite being busy with the investigation of her past and why she was a Greywalker, Harper had agreed to the...

  • Publisher's Weekly

    June 14, 2010
    Vampire dominance games and Harper Blaine's quest to free her father's ghost from a Grey maze add spark to Richardson's jumbled but juicy fifth Greywalker novel (after 2009's Vanished). Despite the sometimes complicated magical mumbo jumbo, readers will enjoy watching the plucky paranormal PI, her geeky boyfriend, and funny ferret Chaos battling evil. An ancient Egyptian entity, the Pharaohn-ankh-astet, pursues Harper from London to her home in Seattle, where bloodsucker-in-chief Edward Kammerling is missing, and his rival, Carlos Pires Ataide, desperately needs Harper's help in extricating the tip of a soul-consuming knife from his body. As this series continues its shift from paranormal mystery to more complex vampire-centric fantasy, Richardson's once-playful Harper is clearly evolving into a supernatural force to be reckoned with.

  • Library Journal

    August 1, 2010

    Since her death and resuscitation two years earlier, private investigator Harper Blaine has become a Greywalker, possessing the ability to traverse the Grey realm that exists between the living and the dead. When she returns from a trip to London, where she has gained some insight into her father's death and ghostly imprisonment, she discovers that the man who killed her has been murdered--and she desperately needs to speak to his ghost. The fifth installment of Richardson's popular Greywalker series (after Vanished) sheds more light on the mysterious events in Harper's past and expands her relationships with both friends and enemies. VERDICT Standing head and shoulders above the plethora of urban fantasies, Richardson's latest tale should appeal to fans of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" and Tanya Huff's Victoria Nelson series.

    Copyright 2010 Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

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Greywalker Series, Book 5
Kat Richardson
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